Looking For Kids Beds

Looking For Beds

Recently we have been looking for beds. C is now 3 and he is currently sleeping in what was his cot and is now converted into a cot bed. We raised it up to make it seems more grown up but he knows it’s not a big boy bed. He has a single bed at his grandparents and he loves it. I think he feels like a big boy when he sleeps in it and to be honest he is ready!

Kids Beds

C’s bed before we removed the back and raised it to create a big boy bed!

So we have been looking at beds but there is so much choice isn’t there? He seems too young for a mid-sleeper, but I do like the idea because you get the storage space underneath. But it worries me him being so far away from the floor and having to climb a ladder to get in and out of bed. But they do make some nice mid-sleepers, I like ones like this with colourful storage because it makes a lot of use of the space and it looks nice.

Kids Beds

image courtesy of childrensbedworld.co.uk

I think C would love a really fun bed but my worry is that if his tastes change then he might get fed up of it really quickly and we would end up having to buy another one. I don’t fancy buying his bed twice just because he fancies another one! I love this pirate ship bed though, what little boy wouldn’t want to sleep in something like this?

Kids Beds

image courtesy of childrensbedworld.co.uk

I think we will end up with a standard single bed, I would like one with some storage underneath for C’s books. We tend to keep a pile under his bed and it would be nice to have them stored neatly and perhaps a space for a few toys to tuck away too! This bed looks pretty close to what I am thinking of and of course he will need some new funky bedding to really create a great big boy effect!

Kids Beds

image courtesy of childrensbedworld.co.uk

Of course he will need a new mattress so we have been looking at those from memory foam mattress direct to find something really comfy, I’m looking forward to taking him to test a few mattresses and try out some beds soon!

Any opinions on which type of bed to buy? What sort of bed do your little ones have and any lessons you have learned about children’s beds that you could share?

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Looking For Kids Beds — 4 Comments

  1. I just bought my son a racing car bed and he loves it! I wish I had had one when I was a kid 🙂 I would recommend purchasing a bed of this type.

  2. Sounds like a tough decision to make. The pirate bed is cool. And I doubt his preference will change any time soon. Probably in the next 5 years or more but not sooner. He will love that bed for sure. The children’s midi sleeper is not for a 3 year old so that’s out of the options. The most practical choice is the bed with storage because he can use it for many many years. All you have to do is change the bedding to suit his age.

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing I’ve been looking for this type of mattress with such a texture that support body well.

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