It’s The Little Things

This week it’s the little things that make me realise my children are growing up. It hits me like a lightning bolt, I want to pause that very moment and freeze forever as a memory. Take a snapshot of that second, minute, moment of when things changed of when they stopped being my babies.

In a week of firsts and lasts the following stand out as being signs that they are growing up faster than ever:

– LissyLou has started putting her rubbish in the bin, I didn’t ask her she just got up after snack time and threw her rubbish away – she has been tidying up after her brother too – just need to make sure she doesn’t bin something she shouldn’t!

– LissyLou has been talking much more and her latest phrases are “Daddy, what’s in that bag”, “Baby is funny” and “Bye mummy, I go school”! – So scary, she will be there before I blink I’m sure!

– I was crying this week and C said to me “Mummy, are your Contact Lenses hurting you or are you really sad?” I answered that I was sad and he said “Chin up mummy, it’s not that bad, you’ve still got me and LissyLou” – you know what he’s totally right on that one.

– C finished pre-school this morning, which for me finally marks the end of his toddlerhood, he is officially a big boy now, starting at the school nursery five mornings a week in September – how did that happen?

– C won a prize for his amazing dancing skills at the pre-school party, he was even trying to properly break dance and doing remarkably well!

– LissyLou watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse just said “Oh Toodles”

They continue to surprise me pretty much every day and as their personalities continue to grow I still can’t believe that they are mine, that they came from me! I thank my lucky stars that I have two healthy children who are doing so well, at the end of the day, that really is all that matters. Even when the world seems against me and nothing is going quite the way I want it to, I only have to look at these two little faces and the world just seems right!


Oh and if all else fails then I can pretend my contact lenses are hurting!


It’s The Little Things — 5 Comments

  1. oh how so very true, grandson just finished P1, seems no time since his mummy was that age and learning all new things. Typical woman, picking up behind men from young, Lissy Lou teach him now to clear up after himself and his future wife will thank you

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