Clearing Out The Clutter!

Clearing Out The Clutter!

There comes that time most years when you just have to bite the bullet and start clearing out the clutter! That time has come! I think that clearing out the clutter is a form of therapy, we (ok Daddy Ramblings!) have started on the garage, the home of a huge proportion of our clutter, things we keep ‘just in case’, things that in all honesty no-one will have much use for! But as he clears and chucks thing we have discovered some things that are useful, maybe not to us but probably to someone. So we set to thinking about what we can do with these things and the things from inside the house that we are sorting out too:

1. Sell them – it would be nice to make a few pounds out of the things taking up the space to put towards all those summer ice creams and day trips! After all one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that! I might even sell my mobile, we have a pile of the things sat in a drawer taking up space and this could be a good way of clearing out the clutter whilst making a few pounds for the children’s money boxes! They get recycled so I know that I’m doing my tiny bit for the environment too!

Clearing Out The Clutter

2. Pass it on – I’m a big fan of passing good things on to good homes. I’ve recently packed up all the baby clothes and passed them on to friends and family with or expecting new babies. I’m excited to see babies wearing the clothes and getting the use out of them. It always makes me smile when I recognise the clothes on new faces and it’s brilliant to know that someone is making good use of them! We did the same with the moses basket and pram and have a stash of toys at the ready too!

Clearing Out The Clutter

3. Recycling – we often recycle things by taking them to our local tip for reuse. But also by reusing them at home in other ways. Daddy Ramblings refurbished an old blanket box into a toy box for the children and it looks beautiful, I think they call that upcycling, well what ever it worked! Our local council also come and pick up old furniture and rubbish to recycle which is a nice way of getting stuff collected for free!  It’s perfect if things are too big to fit in the car! If you are a fan of charity I love passing things on to the charity shop for them to use or sell and recently I discovered that Oxfam have a scheme where old bras are sent to Senegal for use in their social enterprise scheme, I liked that they make their own money from selling them to market traders!

It will be nice to be able to see what we have and hopefully have a few pounds in our pockets by the end of this. But it’s a hard slog and everything the children see that we are trying to get rid of they want to keep but hey ho, it’ll be worth it in the end! Probably!

Clearing Out The Clutter


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  1. Great post. I love decluttering too but I live with a hoarder so I have to choose my moments so I don’t send my husband into overwhelm!
    I love combining decluttering with recycling and reusing; had never heard of the Oxfam scheme – thanks for sharing that and great that you can have large items of furniture collected; I’ll have to look into that myself – I think my husband has a collection of chairs in the garage! GOod luck with the decluttering, hope you make some money and enjoy the space…

  2. I would love to sell some of my old stuff but the problem is that most of it is frankly useless, even to me.
    However, I can still can’t bring myself to part with it, which bring us to the age old clutter conundrum; what can you do with something you don’t want around the place but don’t want to lose either?
    I have began to use self storage units to keep things in and it looks like it could be a great solution. The clutter levels in my house have gone down to historic levels and I can go and check on my stuff whenver I want to. I can even walk around three sides of my bed now without falling over things, and my kitchen isn’t scary anymore.

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