Cruising in style

Cruising in style – A Guest Post By Kaleidoscope

A cruise could be the holiday of a lifetime. You could find yourself relaxing on deck in some of the world’s most stunning destinations. Thailand, the Caribbean, or the Med. It sounds perfect doesn’t it? Throw in the chance for some glamorous evenings on the boat and the chance to go on land to really explore your surroundings it sounds like the perfect time away.

Whilst the destination may play a part in your choice of outfits, there are always a few cruise wear staples you’ll need every time.

Day wear

During the day you’ll need something comfortable and light. Maxi dresses are perfect as are light and airy tunic tops. You need to think about soft, flowing fabrics that will not only help you look stylish they’ll also keep you cool in the heat. When you’re off the boat spending some time sightseeing you won’t always have the air-conditioned comfort of the restaurants on board.

Cruise Wear

When you’re relaxing by the pool or just spending a little time on deck why not get into the spirit of things and go for a nautical style? Think horizontal stripes in red and white or blue and white. It’s perfect for tops, matched with light chinos and jeans, or even for your bikini.

Cruise wear

Evening wear

Whether eating at one of the restaurants on deck or heading to one of the more formal events on board you’ll need something a little dressier. Maxi dresses perfect; they can easily be dressed up with the right accessories and shoes. Think a little sparkle and some classic slingback evening sandals.

Cruise Wear

For those really formal occasions an LBD, dressed up with the right jewellery is always stylish and elegant. If you’re going floor length, a purple gown is right on trend for this season as well as being chic and demure.

Cruise Wear

Capsule wardrobe

Planning for all the potential outfit occasions on a cruise is essential, but so is packing a capsule wardrobe. The flight at the beginning of the trip will impose a baggage weight allowance, as do many cruises, so you’ll need to pack light. A capsule wardrobe is the best way to do this.

You’ll need at least four or five bottoms and three to four tops to go with each. Try and stick to plain and neutral colours for your bottoms so you can match with a number of tops and pick as many dresses that can work both during the day and at night.

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