Rainy Day Activities – Make A Toy Car Wash

Rainy Day Activities – Make A Toy Car Wash

If like me you are well and truly fed up of this weather and you are looking for rainy day activities to do with a toddler then you will probably be running out of ideas about now. We’ve coloured, baked, watched movies, played trains, done jigsaws etc, all our usual rainy day activities have been used up and it’s getting boring now!

Then I remembered one of C’s favourite activities after seeing a Facebook update by Lauren about her son playing with cars and a wet wipe. C loves to play ‘car wash’. It’s a great rainy day activity and it’s stolen from one of our favourite summer activities which normally involves the paddling pool. But seeing as the only reason to put the paddling pool out at the moment would be to see how quickly it fills up, I guess the indoor version is a must!

What you need:

A selection of cars

3 plastic containers (old ice cream tubs or take away containers work really well)

A bit of washing up liquid

A nail brush or an old toothbrush

A towel to protect your floor

A towel or flannel

Create the car wash by lining up the 3 tubs on the towel (try and get a nice large one to help with over zealous washing!)

Add water to each tub

Add a few drops of washing up liquid to the middle tub and give it a quick mix

Let them loose, remember it’s only water!

Rainy Day Activities

Ready to go!

Rainy Day Activities

Here we go!

Rainy Day Activities

Give it a good scrub!

Rainy Day Activities

All clean!

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Rainy Day Activities 
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  2. What a great idea – we’ve been playing car washes as went and cleaned the car but only pretend I was waiting till better weather to get outside to do it but brilliant we could do it inside as well.

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