Dirt Devil Tempest

Recently Dirt Devil chose 10 bloggers to review the Dirt Devil Tempest 2200W Cylinder Vacuum (DDC070), as one of the chosen few I waited with bated breath to see how the Dirt Devil would stand up to my little crumb machines, aka C and LissyLou!

Dirt Devil Tempest DDC070

The Dirt Devil Tempest 2200W Cylinder Vacuum definitely has some very clever features and I loved that it is ideal for allergy sufferers due to the washable filters, with a husband with dust allergies this is a clear plus for me as it reassured me that I was doing everything I could to help keep allergens at bay.

The Dirt Devil Tempest 2200W Cylinder Vacuum comes with a selection of nozzles to ensure you can get into all those tricky nooks and crannies and proved ideal for helping clean LissyLou’s highchair of all those crumbs she was just ‘saving for later’.  I found it easy to put together but didn’t like that the metal tube and hose had no way of staying upright when stored. I find it keeps tipping over and getting in my way which is a little annoying.

It’s certainly a powerful vacuum cleaner though, I was impressed by how quickly it cleaned the carpet and just how much dust and crumbs it actually picked up. What I didn’t like was that I found it really difficult to maneuver, I was hoping it would make my traditional upright vacuum look out of date and bulky, sadly it didn’t. I ended up shouting at the Dirt Devil when the head didn’t swivel as quickly as I would have liked and found it really difficult to get used to the way it works. I found that I also had to stoop when using the vacuum, even with the microscopic metal pole at full height I found my back hurting a bit shortly after using it, I think this was probably due to the way I had to hold the handle in order to get all the crumbs up. I personally prefer the action of my traditional upright.

I was sadly a little disappointed in the Dirt Devil, not from a cleaning point of view, it did that quite well, but I would have preferred it to be more maneuverable and easier to store. The price is fair at £79.99 and it’s available from major retailers.


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