What My Kitchen Needs

What My Kitchen Needs

This weekend I was cooking up a storm and thinking about what my kitchen needs. The list is long and it’s expensive and may not actually be things I need. The thought of all these shiny appliances and tools makes me want to cook more than ever, it makes me want to invent new recipes and cook from dawn to dusk. Anyway, enough daydreaming, here is the list:

1. A cake mixer – no more aching arms for me as the cake mixer does all the hard work whilst I sit back with a cup of tea! Oh and if you could make it bake the cake too that would be amazing.

2. A dishwasher – I need a dishwasher, I really need a dishwasher. Not only do I hate doing the washing up but if I had a dishwasher I would have even more time for cooking, oh and eating, let’s not forget the eating.

3. A new toaster – my toaster has two levels of toasting; warm bread and burnt to a crisp. I need a toaster that does what it’s supposed to do, I dream of beautifully toasted currant teacakes dripping with butter and my toaster always brings me back to earth with a bump when they are burnt and horrid.

4. A coffee bean grinder – I’d love a coffee bean grinder so that I can have proper freshly ground coffee whenever I want. I’d save a fortune on not having to go out for coffees just to get a good mug of java!

5. A great espresso machine – To make the most of that freshly ground coffee, I’ve got one but it’s not very good and I would love to upgrade it. There is something about great coffee that just makes me happy. My weekends often revolve around where we can get a good coffee. I’ve been known to engineer our plans to allow my coffee fix, I’m not ashamed, my name is Annwen and I’m a coffee-a-holic!

6. A new hob and oven – Sarkly, fancy, preferably a high level oven, one that little hands can’t reach, that I can see into without practically sitting on the floor, oh yes and that cleans itself, yes you heard me, cleans itself. This leads me nicely on to item 7….

7. A cleaner, one that magically comes in overnight and makes things spotless, removing all traces of grubby handprints, and crumbs, and sticky stains of indeterminable origin. Who cleans up after my cooking masterpieces and leaves me in peace to enjoy the fruits of my labour. Oh and one who doesn’t require payment, just doing it for the love of the job – someone like this exists right? No? Don’t burst my bubble, a girl has to have a dream doesn’t she?

Do you have a list of kitchen needs? Have I missed something glaringly obvious out of my list?

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What My Kitchen Needs — 3 Comments

  1. Im with you on No 1, I have one but it is the most stupid design going and you have to have the liquidiser bit on for the food processor bit to work and vice versa, so I mix by hand.

    I dont have room for No 2, had one in the last house and gave ot away when we moved here ( well actually swapped it for a cordless phone) but No3 would be nice, and a matching kettle to go with it of course. 4 and 5 – I dont drink coffee so I will pass but would go for a soda stream instead.

    I have an eye level cooker and a nice gas hob.

    as for No 7 – can you not get oh to get up an hr or 2 early every morning and do it out of loving kindness- dont matter if he is going out to do a 12 hr shift – tell him if he loved you enough he would

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