Movie Time

Movie Time

“It’s Movie Time!” This is a phrase I hear a lot at the moment. C is really into movies and so we end up watching one most days.

Disney cartoons are probably our favourite with Tangled being top of our list. LissyLou is madly in love with Rapunzel, she just stares at her with this incredible awe and always gets so excited when she sees the title screen. I know I only have to sing one of the songs and she calms down and smiles so this is used to my advantage if she is ever starting to get upset especially if we are shopping.

C rather fancies himself as Flynn Rider. Let’s face it when Flynn says “Look, I didn’t want to have to do this but you’ve left me no choice. Here comes the smoulder” you do fall just a little bit in love with him! C has  really stunning eyes with super long eyelashes and I just know that he will be inventing his own version of the smoulder as he gets older and will maybe have girls falling at his feet.

Movie Time

We also love Ratatouille, I think C’s recent enthusiasm for food has come from watching the ‘little chef’ create his masterpieces. He always asks what the ingredients of meals are now and loves to be involved in choosing and cooking the ingredients. I think he is going to be as real foodie when grows up!

Thanks to Grandad, C fell in love with Wallace and Gromit and they love to watch it together. I have to admit it’s really not a favourite of mine so I’m glad it’s Grandad he watches it with and not Daddy!

Daddy is a major Toy Story fan, in fact he is a major Buzz Lightyear and the aliens fan and up until recently we had a long line of the aliens on display in our kitchen. They were there long before the children were born!

I would like to discover some new movies though, something fun and engaging, ideally with new songs for me to learn and plenty of action for C. I don’t see anything I fancy at the moment, well ok I do but they are not kids movies so they will have to wait until next time both children go to their grandparents! Then I will be straight on to check the cinema times and off we go!

I love movie time, I just don’t get much time to watch any that aren’t kids ones! What’s your favourite movie?



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  1. We love ‘Tangled’ in our house too (and I may be a little bit in love with Flynne Ryder…), and Little miss thinks she’s Repunzel as she too has blonde hair :). But, my Little miss’s absolute favourite is ‘The Little Mermaid’, funnily enough that was my fav growing up too.
    Trying to get her to branch out and watch other Disney’s, but she’s not having it at the moment! x

  2. Hi there, I found your blog through the BritMums Live! meet and greet. I have to say I was a big fan of kids films even before we had a kid ourselves! So Ratatouille, Shrek, Madagascar, Happy Feet and more are on our DVD rack. Not that we’ve had time to watch them recently, but looking forward to a time when our toddler is old enough to settle down and watch a film together 🙂

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