Operation Weight Loss – Why I haven’t blogged!

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t blogged about operation weight loss for quite a while. You may or may not have wondered why I haven’t blogged about operation weight loss.

The honest answer? The truly honest answer? I was embarrassed. I was well and truly embarrassed that I had put weight back on, quite a bit of weight back on! I’d also lost my focus in the run up to Christmas and just wasn’t doing well with the whole diet thing. So I clammed up, didn’t want to admit to myself or anyone else that I had failed. Didn’t want to admit that I was so undisciplined.

I had a strict talking to myself over the new year period and I decided that I really had to get back on it. So I have. I have refocused and got back into my healthy eating groove. Yes, I’m not being a saint, I’m having a few little treats here and there but I am slowly losing weight. I’m pleased to say that I am back on track and have lost the massive half a stone I had piled back on to take me back to the point I was before Las Vegas.

So I am determined to get into a sustainable eating plan where I enjoy what I eat and don’t miss naughty foods! For me the food has to be tasty, interesting and easy. I know I need to exercise too so this weeks challenge is to try and do some exercise every day!

I would love to get back to the way I looked when I got married, it’s about 1 stone and 1 dress size away so I think it’s achievable, I just need to get there!

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Operation Weight Loss – Why I haven’t blogged! — 10 Comments

  1. I’m totally with you on this. Have really lost my focus since being poorly. I managed to lose a massive 6lb while I’ll, meaning I’m only 6lb off pre-preggy weight. But, my apetite has been ferocious since I’ve recovered and I can’t help but eat naughty stuff! Have been exercising but not oing much good with the terrible eating 🙁
    Big well done on what you’ve lost so far, it’s so hard to get back on track but you’ve done it you should be proud x

    • Thanks I have a few things on the go to try and help it. First up is the Jenny Craig diet (prepared meals sent to your door) and then I am starting to exercise more so hopefully both things will work!

  2. have you tried Thinking Slimmer – no diet but just eat less naturally without feeling hungry or deprived – sorry delet comment if you dont want the advertising but it does work

  3. 1 stone and 1 dress size is an easily achievable weight loss goal. Just stay positive girl and don’t be embarrassed, once you face up to the challenge, you will soon get back into it and more to the point… you’ll enjoy it! Regards Ali x

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