What To Wear For Work?

I’m trying to find something to wear when I go back to work. This morning I spent an hour sorting out my clothes and looking at my work wardrobe to see what options I have and whether any of it actually fits!

I came to a conclusion, first of all I need to lose a few more pounds or the clothes I have will be a bit too tight and realistically I can’t face going back to work if I am uncomfy in my clothes! It’s going to be enough of a challenge without worrying my seams might split. Secondly, I don’t seem to have any tops, I have trousers and skirts, even dresses but not tops. Why is that? Did I not wear tops before my maternity leave? Has the sock monster (you know the sock monster, the one that eats socks before the washing machine has finished washing them) moved on to tops? It would appear so because I honestly don’t seem to have any tops!


I did see this lovely picture of new ladies workwear from Next and I am drooling over the textured jacket and those cute court shoes but I think the rest of it might just be a little too cool for my job!

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I went searching on Next’s site to find other things I like and came up with these trendy but smart High waisted Black Trousers ( I know, I know I said I needed tops!)

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and this lovely Ruffle Shirt

Ramblings Of A Suburban Mummy

or this gorgeous Silk Mix Top

Ramblings Of  A Suburban Mummy

I think I need a little shopping spree, I do need a couple of tops! Because after all the more confident I feel the better I will perform right?


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  1. I was the other way round. Tonnes of tops (although I still bought a few more), but only 2 pairs of not brilliantly fitting trousers and one dress that’s suitable for customer visits. I always find I’m in between trouser sizes especially with post birth expanded hips (12 on top, 14-16 on the bottom?!), skirts look rubbish, and because I’m pear shaped I struggle with dresses. I’m hoping I’ll lose 7lb fairly quickly and some of my size 14 trousers will fit then.

    Good luck with your shopping.
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