Interesting New Travel Products

Are you planning any travel for 2012?

Before I went to Las Vegas I had a small brainwave about travel products. We’ve all seen those turning displays in shops and supermarkets where they have all the travel products and I’ve often had a small chuckle over some of the products on the display so when I asked what was new in the world of travel products I wasn’t really sure what I would find.

First up is an innovative back care product. The Posture Plast is like a huge cross shaped sticking plaster that you apply to your lower back. It basically holds you in proper posture so it’s ideal for long journeys where you start to slouch and then get lower back pain.

So I eagerly applied the Posture Plast and waited for the magic to work! Did it? I like to think it did, I felt like I didn’t slouch like I normally would and I think if you were driving a long distance in particular it would be really good. I didn’t feel trussed up either and could still move comfortably.

The Duracell Portable Charger is designed to act as a charger for a whole suite of electronic products so that you don’t have to carry as many chargers, reducing the weight of your luggage and the ease of charging all your gadgets. I was impressed that the charger is actually quite small, and does work with a range of gadgets from cameras to phones. I recommend it for people who have to carry a range of gadgets so ideal for commuters!

My husband and I often suffer from dry eyes and this can be made worse by air travel so these great eyedrops from Artelac® Splash really interested me. I was impressed by the individual dose units that would be fine in your little clear bag in hand luggage on flights and also are small enough to fit in a purse for nights out. They are also safe with contact lenses which is a real lifesaver for my as my eyes often dry out when I wear my contacts. We both found the Artelac Splash drops really soothing and very easy to apply.They are slightly more expensive than some of the others on the high street at £10.49 for 30 doses but I highly recommend them as they actually work!

Finally, I want to share this awesome travel product with you. I didn’t actually test it but how fun is this adults suitcase? It’s from Micro Scooters and it looks fun!

Not cheap at £250 but I think this could make travel a lot more interesting! Can you imagine a portly business man careering round the airport? Think of the awesome giggles you could have! On a serious note, I bet this could be quite fun and useful in some large airports!


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