So You Are Turning 30

Well, this is it, the final countdown! Today, I am mostly thinking about the final days of my twenties.

I know 30 isn’t old, I know I’m not old but society and popular culture make such a big deal about turning 30 that surely I should too? After all, in modelling and television 30 is ancient isn’t it?

So what will turning 30 be like? Will I suddenly look older, get grey hair and wrinkles? Will some kind of voodoo magic happen so that my face isn’t the one in the mirror any more? Once you turn 30 there is a section in the Avon catalogue for specialist skincare, as if miraculously at 30 you will need anti-wrinkle creams and potions having never needed them before? Maybe I should start reviewing anti-ageing products right away?

Men supposedly get better with age, well it’s worked for George Clooney hasn’t it? Even Sean Connery is still very attractive and come on he’s in his 80’s! But women? We are considered over the hill at 30. My husband often jokes that once I turn 30 he will have to chip me in for a younger model! That’s the thing isn’t it? Men seem to chip us in for younger models. Maybe I should look at a younger model too? Except that when I see One Direction on TV I just feel old. Give me Daniel Craig any day!

I felt better when I read that some beautiful ladies are also turning or have turned 30 this year. When you are in a club with Fearne Cotton, Beyonce, Britney Spears and Una Healey you can’t possibly be old! They are young, and gorgeous and glamorous, surely I can be all those things too? Ok, well maybe not the gorgeous part, but I’d settle for half-decent! After all, 30 IS NOT THAT OLD!

I think I can sum this up with a something someone said to me recently

“Oh you are turning 30 this year? Never mind it’s only half way to 60!!”



So You Are Turning 30 — 6 Comments

  1. I wish I was turning 30 this year. I’ve just turned 34. I panicked turning 30 & got married on my 30th birthday but it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t wake up grey haired and wrinkly the next day 🙂 It’s all in the mind, if you think young you are young. Happy birthday for when it comes and age after all is only a number x
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  2. I turn 30 next week. Ive been freaking out about it and im not sure why! Its not like im going to age over night! Ive been googling silly things like can i still wear skinny jeans in my 30’s!

    • We better be able to! I’m not willing to give up skinny jeans, they don’t flash flesh so they are acceptable right? I can honestly say that the run up to it is worse than the reality, you will be fine :o) x

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