Operation Weight Loss Starts Here!

Operation Weight Loss is a pretty big deal for me. A while ago I blogged about wanting/needing to lose weight. I even shared my weight with you all. I thought it would help motivate me. It didn’t! (read the post here)

But since then I have put on a bit of weight (about 5lbs) and I have succeeded to lose that myself over the last few weeks but now I have some help!

I am embarking on the Slimavite weight loss plan. I won a little competition to ‘win my weight loss’ and I will get the shakes and support to lose weight and a makeover and photoshoot at the end  – check me out!

I received the first box of shakes today, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. I tried a Strawberry Desire for lunch and it was yummy! I can’t wait to learn more about the Slimavite programme and to lose some weight.

Wish me luck, I will keep you updated on my progress!

*EDIT* Following some discussions with fellow bloggers today I hereby start the bloggers weight loss club (name to be decided!)

I want to lose 1st 13lbs in total and keep it off for life! I know its a big goal but I also know it is possible and we can all do this together, whether its a small loss or a big loss join in! Just send me and email or say hello on twitter if you want to join in too


Operation Weight Loss Starts Here! — 8 Comments

  1. I love that this post is the first one after a post about Thornton’s!
    If you need a weight loss buddy, I’d be happy to help. I really need to lose the baby weight and even though I’m going to the gym/swimming a few times a week, I can’t seem to shift anything.

    • Hahaha I know! I had to get all the choccies out of the way before I could start! Oh and thank you, I’d love a weight loss buddy! I’ll get in touch xx

  2. I’m liking the sound of this weight loss programme and am looking forward to seeing your glam pics!
    I want to join the club 🙂 need to lose 2 stone (eek!)

  3. Good luck with it! It can be hard to stay motivated, especially this time of year so having this post will hopefully remind you where you want to get to.

    I’m desperate to lose my ‘last’ 5Ibs I just get it in sight and then lapse and eat chocolate or cake. Tomorrow is another day and I think I will join you in trying to kick start the last bit of weight loss.

    • Thanks. Feel free to join the forum, we are all trying to support each other and you can do that even if you don’t fancy blogging about it

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