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Once Upon A Monster is the new Sesame Street Game for the Kinect for XBOX 360.

As with all Kinect Games you use your body to control the game. In Once Upon A Monster that means you have to jump, run, pose etc to help control the characters and complete missions.

We loved that it featured Elmo and Cookie Monster and C and I had great fun joining in with the games and tasks. I found it to be quite forgiving on C’s movements too which meant that he didn’t have to get things exactly right which for younger children is a major bonus as you have to complete each task to progress to the next and otherwise I think they would get stuck! But this way meant that C could keep moving through the game (with a little help!) and get to see the next part of the story. I think 3-4year olds in particular would really enjoy the Once Upon A Monster Game as a result of this.

I wouldn’t describe Once Upon A Monster as educational however it does put focus onto themes for personal development in the form of friendship, teamwork and acceptance of others which for younger children is a great way of working on their social skills and empathy.

This is definitely a game that will appeal to pre-schoolers and younger children due to the Sesame Street characters but older kids might like it too due to the fun game content. Sure to keep them busy and active over winter!

Out now, £31.51 from Amazon

I received a copy of Once Upon A Monster in exchange for this review


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