9mths in, 9mths out!

LissyLou, today you are 9mths old. You have been here longer than you were in my tummy, that’s quite scary!

You have grown and changed so much in the last 9mths that it actually makes me dizzy to think that this time nine months ago I was waiting at the hospital to be prepared for surgery and to go have you. After a rubbish pregnancy you were a very welcome addition to the family.

You came into the world, all chubby cheeks and sticking your tongue out at daddy. A perfect little bundle of loveliness. You quickly invaded our lives and changed everything we knew. Even C fell in love with you pretty quickly and he is very protective of you. I hope that continues, it is so sweet and special for you to have a protective big brother. You dote on him too and crawl round after him always trying to get him to play with you and failing as he screams, “Don’t let LissyLou get me and my toys!” Yes he is protective but that doesn’t mean that he wants you to share his toys!

I can’t believe that it’s nearly your first Christmas and then shortly after that your first birthday! It is going so fast and while I’m loving every minute I wish I could pause you here at this time when you still need your mummy and still want me with you all the time. I guess I’m going to feel like that a lot over the next few years.

You have your own little personality now, cheeky, cute and sweet. Your smile just makes me melt and I love the little faces you pull. I am so excited to see how you change over the coming months and how you grow into a real little person like C. It’s a very exciting time.

I love you LissyLou, Happy 9mths Birthday! xxxxx

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