Roary The Racing Car LIVE

This week we went to see Roary The Racing Car LIVE at the Grand Opera House in York.

C and his big cousin M were very excited at the prospect of seeing Roary live on stage. So after a bus, a train and a bun we headed to the theatre.

Once the boys were settled in the seats, happily chomping on their Subway sandwiches and proudly waving their Roary light up toys (not cheap at £7 each but thankfully this was the only toy on sale so we weren’t pressured into buying numerous toys or gifts)

Then the show started! Roary Live is about The Champion of Champions Race at Silver Hatch. Roary, Cici and Maxi are all racing to win the cup. Farmer Green has come up with a new Bio Fuel to be used during the race to make it the fastest and greenest race ever but things don’t go smoothly and the Bio Fuel is STOLEN! Cue plenty of fun as Big Chris, Marsha and Roary all try and find the Bio Fuel in time for the race! It combines video footage of Roary and his chums with actors and the cars themselves live on stage.

The boys really enjoyed the show, especially when they threw huge beach balls out into the audience and they liked the songs and of course Roary and friends. Big Chris was his usual funny self and we loved his cheeky food related jokes and his great dance moves!

We were not alone in being a bit baffled as to why Marsha was just a woman in overalls rather than being a proper suit like the other characters and I heard a couple of children asking who she was! We felt it didn’t make sense and would have preferred her to be in a character costume as it was quite confusing, especially for C.

Roary Live is great fun and I would recommend it for children aged 2-6yrs. The next show is on the 5th November 2011 at the Palace Theatre in Redditch, call 01527 65203 for tickets

For more information about the show and future date visit

We were provided with 4 tickets to see Roary The Racing Car LIVE in exchange for this review

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