Christmas Gifts From Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat sent me one of their Christmas Gifts to review.

The Christmas Chocolate Goody Bag contains a great selection of delicious chocolates with something for all the family.

It all comes presented in a lovely gift bag and tied with pretty ribbon but it’s the contents that will really make you smile. In this goody bag you get:

– 6 Billionaires Shortbread Chocolates

– A Mini Festive Christmas Wreath

– Christmas Gift Slab

– Milk Chocolate Pocket Reindeer

The Billionaires Shortbread Chocolates are a rich mixture of praline, caramel and cookies, it tastes just like a piece of millionaires shortbread but with that delicious praline enveloping it all making it truly decadent.

My favourite thing has to be the Mini Festive Christmas Wreath. In true Hotel Chocolat style this is really special. Milk and dark chocolate shaped liked a wreath and stuffed full of cranberries, caramelised hazelnuts and dark chocolate biscuits this is a true Christmas delight. I could happily have just had this one, good job then that they sell them just on their own (or if you are feeling particularly naughty they sell a LARGE one too!)

The Christmas Gift Slab features milk chocolate with dark cookie pieces and a caramel chocolate shaped gift. Very tasty but I made the mistake of trying it after the Christmas Wreath and then I was disappointed that it didn’t quite measure up!

The Milk Chocolate Pocket Reindeer went down well with C who told me it was “Delicious!” and I didn’t need to taste it to know that it would be!

The Christmas Chocolate Goody Bag costs £17 and is in store and online now! I know this is more expensive than some other makes of chocolate but believe me it is worth it! If you have never tried Hotel Chocolat then you really don’t know what you are missing!

Hotel Chocolat have got their corner of the market all sewn up. They only sell top quality chocolates, in amazing flavour combinations and beautiful boxes and gift packs. Why not buy some amazingly special Christmas Crackers or an Advent Calendar? They currently have some great online special offers where if you spend £60 or more you get a free box of Winter Treasures worth £11 and if you spend £100 or more you will also receive a £10 e voucher!





That’s why I’m so pleased to be able to offer you the chance to win the Christmas Chocolate Goody Bag!

To be in with a chance of winning just visit the Hotel Chocolat site and tell me if you could find any of the gifts under the Christmas Tree this year which one would make you the happiest and why? Leave your comment below!

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The competition close at midnight on 12th November 2011, UK residents only, aged 18 or over. The winner will be chosen at random and no correspondence will be entered into. The prize is one Christmas Chocolate Goody Bag from Hotel Chocolat.


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Christmas Gifts From Hotel Chocolat — 320 Comments

  1. I would love the Happy Family Christmas Hamper because I can’t always afford things from Hotel Chocolat so it would be amazing to try loads of their different flavours.
    I have followed and tweeted on twitter too 🙂

  2. I would love to find ‘The Sparkling Christmas Gift Basket’ under my Christmas tree this year as it would mean the whole family would get a fantastic treat to enjoy over the festive season. There’s no better way to relax and end the day off with drinks and Chocolat in front of the television on a fun filled Christmas day.

  3. I would be chuffed to bits to find the Ten Chocolate Christmas Tree Decorations – because I’m so sick of only finding children’s chocolate decorations in stores. Adults love chocolate too!

  4. i would love to find the Pick Me Up of the Season Gift Bag under my tree as it would be a nice treat after a bout of ill heath lately xx

  5. I would love to find the Chocolatier’s Table Luxe so I could share with all my family. A treat for everyone, Chocolate heaven!

  6. The ultimate chocolate hamper would be FABULOUS but I think also a little greedy. Instead I would choose some Rose and Violet Cremes. They are really yummy and I can never find them anywhere 🙁

  7. I love Hotel Chocolat. I think I’d want some of their tiddly caramel penguins to pop in the kids’ stockings. I am following in GFC 🙂 and off to tweet now @LauraCYMFT

  8. I would love to find a set of knitting needles under the tree. It is something small that I wouldn’t buy myself but would mean I don’t have to keep borrowing different sizes from my mum.

  9. I would love to find a box of the Classic Christmas Selection under my tree, I love trying new flavours so I could try a little bit of everything.


  10. The Ultimate Christmas Hamper is the only thing i’d like to see under my christmas tree, wow what a christmas that would be!

  11. I’d love to find the Hotel Choclat ‘Alternative Mince Pies’ under the Christmas tree this year because I’m not a fan of traditional mince pies or Christmas dinner or Christmas pudding….in fact I pretty much dislike all festive foods apart from chocolates!!

    (Have tweeted – @cocktail_koala)

  12. I would choose the Christmas Pamper Hamper as its the only time of year you can indulge in such a lovely chocolate treat!

  13. I would love to find Peanut Smudge™ Chocolate Spread as I would give it to my fiance as he has been wonderful these past few weeks.

  14. I would love to find the tree decorations as its our first Xmas in our first family home so these would look lovely on our our first Christmas tree ( who am I kidding, they’d all be eaten by my kiddies as soon as they were spotted)

  15. A box of Classic Christmas Luxe Selection. I’m hosting Christmas dinner for the family (9 of us) this year & this way there’d be plenty for shring and some left for me. Hotel Chocolat is the BEST chocolate there is.

  16. I’d love the Truffles to Share Advent Calendar;) I really like advent calendars and this one would be just for me!!!

  17. The ‘Rather Large Christmas Cracker’ because crackers are my favourite thing about Christmas!
    If we’re going to someone else’s place for Christmas, I always volunteer to bring the crackers, and if I’m feeling ‘arty’ in the run up to Christmas but only have time to make ‘one thing’, I’ll make crackers.
    Crackers with chocolates in them? My two favourite ‘Cs’ in one delicious, beautiful package! 🙂

  18. Oh, I just can’t resist Santa’s Secret! I’ve been a good girl this year & I’m sure Santa won’t disappoint!! And of course being good, I would share with my hubby curled up on the sofa with a nice bottle of wine & a film…. bliss!

  19. As a self confessed greedy pig I would add Kirsch Cherries and the Alternative Mince Pies to my Chrimbo wish list. The cherries are amazing and the mince pies tick all my boxes. Tweeted too @boranpolska

    Thanks, Abby

  20. I would love to find the Tiddly Milk Reindeer under my tree so I can share them with my wonderful children. Who would find them absolutly delightful!

  21. I would love the Ultimate Christmas hamper as it contains everything we would ever want. It would be lovely to have a winter warmer party and share this round with friends and family. Also, been on a diet, for what seems like forever, so would love this as a Christmas treat!! xx

  22. I’d love the Alternative Mince Pies under the tree. They look fantastic and I bet they would be lovely! I hate mince pies, but think I’d adore these. 🙂

  23. I love the Christmas Table Crackers – I would hope to find them under the tree so I could put one out for each family member on the Christmas table for when we have our Turkey Dinner. We always start our dinner off with a pull of a cracker each so we can wear the hat! Then we raise our glasses, have a toast, then pull some party poppers!!!! It is tradition for our family!

    These crackers wo

  24. The Ultimate Chocolate Hamper would cheer me up no end, I spend the day running around after everyone and once the kids are in bed and the adults start drinking – I cant because of medication- would love to snuffle a few nice chocolates!! and I promise I would really enjoy them!

  25. The Ultimate Xmas Hamper would make me happy as I would treat my family and there is no better pleasure than seeing joy on their faces.

    Shared on facebook as Tracey Hallmark

    Following and tweeting @Tracezeus

  26. It’s a tough one to call but I think out of sheer greed I would have to say my favourite would be the Ultimate Christmas Hamper! But almost any would still make me smile 🙂

  27. It’s gotta be The Ultimate Christmas Hamper ! ! !

    It’s gorgeous and immense and there’s something for everyone .

    I’ve Tweeted you as @CRYSTALmse

    We’re now chums via G.F.C as kelbee44

    Thank You for this delish competish !


  28. I would love the Perfect Host Hamper. There are so many different types of chocolate and would i share it? Hell No! Ok, actually i probably would because i am nice like that! 🙂

  29. The Happy Family Hamper would make this family very happy indeed – so many tempting treats!

    Also tweeted on Twitter – @comps53

  30. I would love to win the alternative mince pies i dont really like mixed fruit and these look totally yummy x
    @wendalby tweeting x

  31. I’d love to find the Christmas Pamper Hamper under my tree as it contains some of my favourite Hotel Chocolat chilli chocolate

  32. Well of course I’m tempted to go for the Ultimate Christmas Hamper but I will be restrained and go for the Winter Desserts – Petit Four Chocolates. A small but delicious offering which I wouldn’t feel compelled to share with anyone else!

  33. The ‘Happy Family Christmas’ Hamper would be the most delightful thing to find under the tree, as Christmas is all about family and this is something to share with my husband and daughters and add to the family feel of Christmas. It would also last much longer than just Christmas Day 🙂

  34. I’d love a box of marzipan chocolates because I’m the only member of the family who just loves marzipan, so they’d be all for ME, ME, ME! – is that selfish?!

  35. I follow thru GFC

    I would love to find Classic Christmas Choc 8 under the tree for me – just enough for me, and only me!

    I have tweeted too @josie301

    Thanks xx

  36. I’d to find the Alternative Mince Pies under the tree, I’m such a chocoholic that I’d probably have one with my coffee on Christmas morning


  37. It would have to be the Christmas Cuisine Basket – chocolate for main course AND dessert just sounds like heaven, and for a bit of added Christmas magic I could astonish everyone by making the bottle of port “mysteriously” vanish before everyone’s eyes….*hic*…..

  38. I would love The Christmas Pamper Hamper . there is so much in it I might even get some after the kids and my husband have had there pick

  39. I would love to see Mulled wine cherries under the Christmas tree. I love mulled wine, it gets me in the Christmas spirit when drinking it at the Christmas markets.

  40. shared on facebook
    following and sharing on facebook

    My favourite would be the Ultimate Chocolate hamper. I would be in in chocolate heaven with many choco treats to enjoy and share. I am true lover of chocolate… mmm!

  41. I would like the Ultimate Christmas Hamper because there is lots to share with my family (and I can swipe my favourites before anybody else sees!)

  42. The Happy Family Christmas Hamper – like the name suggests it looks like a great selection that all the family could enjoy.

  43. I would love to receive some Tiddly Caramel Penguins because they are incredibly cute and I’m sure they’re completely yummy too!! x

  44. I would love the Chocolatier’s Table Luxe UNDER MY TREE because a few years ago a friend bought me one for christmas and it was absolutely AMAZING! Such nice chocolate, and the picture does not do it justice for how big it is!

  45. i’d like to find the dark christmas basket! i looooooooove dark chocolate, and i can kid myself that it’s a bit better for me 😉

  46. I would be most happy to find the ultimate Christmas hamper as it would almost definitely keep me going until my birthday. In January. 🙂

  47. I’d love the Alternative Mince Pies because I make so many mince pies for the family at Christmas that by Christmas Day I’m sick of the sight of mincemeat and pastry! So choccie mince pies would definitely make me happy 🙂 @piperanddaisy

  48. you know, I’d be thrilled with finding the Purist Christmas wreath! No shopping for a festive wreath, no hassle of making one when every minute counts in December anyway, it looks sooooo good, and then you get to eat it too! Splendid idea in my book!

  49. I would love to find an actifry chip fryer under my tree christmas morning, ok its not very exciting but I love chips and due to illness can’t stomach deep fried food, as this thing only uses a tbsp of oil it would be a bit like oven cooking them 🙂

    • Ive just realised I totally miss read the question ^^ sorry its extremely early!! So my new answer is the Niblatrons just because they are the coolest looking chocolate I have ever seen . . . oh ok and im a big fan of transformers

  50. I would love to find the rather large Christmas cracker under my tree. I can never choose a favorite from Hotel Chocolate as they are all divine and with the cracker I would be able to sample many flavours as well as sharing with my loved ones. We would also get hats and jokes which is like an extra little treat.
    Chocolate and laughter are my favorite things in life!

  51. The Mulled Wine Cherries sound yum. I love cherries but they are always quite expensive to buy so I would love this as a gift.

  52. I would love The Happy Family Christmas Hamper under our tree, such variety and quality, someting for everyone that would be a good start to harmonious Christmas day!

  53. I would love to have the advent calendar in my xmas stocking as I would be justified in eating it all on one go just to catch up on the days!

  54. Of all the Hotel Chocolat products, the one I’d love most to receive this year would be The Sleekster Classic Christmas Selection. It’s contains a fab variety of Hotel Chocolat chocolates, so there’s something for the whole family to indulge in. Simply magical 🙂

  55. I would love to find the mini christmas wreath under my tree because I am a florist and make lots and lots of real wreaths at christmas time,so this would be an ideal present for me x

  56. I like “The Classic Christmas Basket” on thw website because after I’ve eaten all the yummy chocs I can use the basket to keep things in!

  57. I would love the Alternative Mince Pies, as much I love the idea of anything festive, I hate mince pies. These would be perfect, because they’re filled with things I love (praline and salted caramel), so I could join in with the traditional festive pie eating!

  58. if i could have any gift under my tree it would have to me The Alternative mince pies, as im not a fan of pastry so dont like propper mince pies and these would be brilliant x

  59. I would ideally like to find a strapping handsome man under my Christmas tree, but if that isn’t possible then I would be just as pleased with a Hotel Chocolat ‘Christmas Stocking’ 🙂
    FOllowing on Google connect
    Tweeting @abs_1985

  60. I would have the Sleekster Classic Christmas Selection, because having one per evening would just about see me through the cold January nights!

  61. Thanks for the great giveaway I love the alternative mince pies as theyd look great as a cetrepiece on my new cakestand if I can resist eating the lot that is!

  62. I would love to find anything from hotel chocolat under my tree, their choccies are amazing, this in particular would be most welcome ‘The Classic Christmas Basket’ ….. I wouldnt even share 😀

  63. I love The Dark Christmas Basket – i like my choc the darker the better and that amount of treats would last me well into the new year .. Who needs resolutions when you have great chocolate!

  64. The signature cabinet!!!!!!! Wow what a christmas pressie that would be, i’ve never won anything in my life so that would be AMAZING!!!

  65. I would love the Happy Family Christmas Hamper so that there would be a little something for everybody to share. The tiddly penguins and reindeers are so cute tho, don’t know if i could bear to bite into one.

  66. I would like the Seasonal Sixty Tin of Chocolates as I turn 60 after Christmas and will enjoy sharing these with my enlarged family including my 4 grandchildren. After all Christmas is about sharing.

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