Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen is a family business, started in 1987. They pride themselves on for using all natural ingredients and for offering a wide range of foods that are all vegetarian and includes products from pizzas and veggie burgers to cakes.

The nearest shop to me that sells the Amy’s Kitchen range was our local Asda, we don’t do our main shopping there so we made a special trip to go and discover the Amy’s Kitchen range. I was disappointed to find that they only stock ONE item from the range! I wasn’t very impressed. So I couldn’t choose a variety of products from the range to tell you about. But I did get the Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free Bean & Cheese Burrito.

  Image courtesy of Amy’s Kitchen UK 

I don’t think I would have chosen this product if there were other things from the range but I wanted to give it a go.

I read the cooking instructions and was pleased to find that it microwaved in just 3 minutes which seemed perfect for what I would call a snack product. You can also oven cook the burrito but at around 50 minutes this seemed a bit like hard work!

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the Gluten Free Bean & Cheese Burrito. I really didn’t have very high hopes as normally I wouldn’t opt for something gluten free, especially a burrito which in nature scream gluten to me! It looked a little bit anaemic as I took it out of the microwave (I’m sure that if you oven cook it you could get a better finish) but as I ate it I found it tasted better than it looked.

It was stuffed full of beans, cheese and rice. For me it could have done with being spicier, and perhaps needed something to dip it in like guacamole or sour cream but it was ok. Priced at £1.98 I felt it was just on the edge of what I would pay for a small lunch/snack.

The wider range sounds great with pizzas, indian meals and pot pies all in there and the tasty sounding Black Bean Tamale Verde meal.   

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