What does this Indian Summer mean for the world’s climate?

Right now I know we are enjoying an Indian Summer. It’s hot, I mean seriously, 27 degrees plus in October? How often can you take pictures like this in October?

In fact the record today has been 29.5 degrees, recorded in Gravesend. This beat a 26year record of 29.4degrees.

But does this late burst of heat and sunshine really indicate climate change and a shift in the worlds climate? The experts are telling us that it doesn’t! Apparently most spells of unusual weather are simply that – unusual. They have happened before and they will happen again.

But that doesn’t change the fact that we still hear a lot about climate change and global warming. We are told to save energy and recycle. Use public transport instead of our vehicles and ‘offset’ our carbon footprint. I still find all these things so alien. When I was a child this sort of thing was just starting to happen. We recycled cans, bottles and newspapers, but you had to drive to your local supermarket to tip these things into large bins. I knew to turn the tap off when I was brushing my teeth to save water and to turn lights etc off when I wasn’t using them but really that’s as far as it goes.

Yes, I know that it’s really important to care about the world we live in, to save water and energy, to recycle etc but I disagree with things being forced upon you. I don’t think that I should be forced to recycle, or use public transport, or follow eco-friendly advice. I’d rather do things under my own steam, in ways that work for me and my family. We turn off lights, switch tv’s off instead of using standby, reuse carrier bags, walk where possible etc.

But will all these small measures actually have any effect on climate change? Well there are lots of little things that we can easily do that involve no effort and I was surprised by some of them so here are a few you can easily do!

1. Turn off electrical items when not in use

2. Turn your thermostat down by 1 degree

3. Boil only as much water as you need to use

4. Conserve water (we use a lot of energy processing water to make it fit to drink, if you waste water you are in fact wasting energy!)

5. Buy energy efficient appliances

6. Wash your clothes at 30degrees

7. Don’t put hot food in your fridge/freezer

8. Try to have an energy free hour every week either at home or at work

I’m trying to get more into the eco-friendly camp as I have realised that C and LissyLou are going to be more eco-conscious as they grow up than I have had to be. I am starting with the energy free hour, except we are going to make sure we have an energy free hour every day if we can. If we all can adopt something new then hopefully we can do our bit to help slow climate change for generations to come


What does this Indian Summer mean for the world’s climate? — 2 Comments

  1. It’s strange isn’t it, my parents talk of snowfalls when they were children that far out way those we have had in recent years and summers that were regularly hotter than those we have now but we still attribute our weather to global warming. Weird

  2. I agree Bella, is part of it also that we have different priorities now. There are more vehicles so extreme winters are more of a problem. Our road networks are so busy that we should be more equipped for the weather but apparently its impossible to keep up with demand. Is it? Or are we just spreading budgets too far when it comes to roads and spending too much on hair brained climate change schemes?

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