Adoption of children ‘falls markedly’

The number of children in care adopted in England has fallen, according toDepartment for Education figures.

Only 60 children had adoptions completed by their first birthday, compared with 70 last year and 150 in 2007. Overall adoption numbers fell 5%. To read the rest of this story on BBC News click here

Adoption is a subject that comes up a lot in my life. My mother sits on an Adoption Panel and so I have heard a lot about the rules/regs around adoption over the years. I also know people who have sucessfully fostered and adopted children over the years and the joy it brings to families.

So I was really disappointed to read these new statistics about adoption. Did you know that the average length of time children waited to be adopted was two years and seven months? Or that the average age of children at the time of adoption was three years and 10 months? I didn’t! It seems such a shame that these children are sat waiting for a family to love them when there are people out there desperate to be parents and praying for a child of their own.

With all the recent coverage of adoption in both the media of celebrities like Madonna, Brangelina, Katherine Heigl and Sandra Bullock all adopting over the last few years and in soaps like Coronation Street adoption has become a less ‘taboo’ subject of late. But as time goes on does Adoption criteria get stricter? Are less people looking to adopt? Or are we lacking the resources within our Social Services/Adoption Panels to be able to process the applications and match these children with the prospective parents?

What do you think, should we look at an overhaul of the adoption process/system?


Adoption of children ‘falls markedly’ — 4 Comments

  1. I have heard of someone who was adopting and was told that because they had a real fireplace they would have to brick it over, yet someone who gets pregnant and gives birth wouldn’t have to. I agree that something needs to be done to encourage adopting and get the numbers not just back up but over what they are, if that takes an overhaul in the system then so be it!

  2. I think adoption as a subject needs to be understood better. And adoption councils should change some rules…so that its not really about what can go wrong but about a constant watch over the family and the kid in question.

    Like MrsBellers says… bricking up fire places just makes no sense at all!

    • Maybe we need to consider adoption in a different way. If we think of it as a child finding the family they are meant to have then obviously we want to match the child carefully but as long as the family is ready for a child and has a good support network then surely we should be supporting them and bringing them together ASAP!

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