My Mission – Quickasteam Microwave Bags Review

I was sent some Quickasteam Microwave bags to review. They are a brand new creation from the people who brought you ‘Toastabags’ .

The Quickasteam Microwaveable Bags allow you to steam cook in your microwave, fresh and frozen vegetables, chicken, fish and more, sealing in the natural goodness and taste for a healthy diet .

What I thought:
The bags are really easy to use, just fill them up and pop them in the microwave, no plate required so minimal washing up – thank goodness! You also know exactly what has gone in the bag so you know exactly what you will get out, fantastic for LissyLou’s purees!
I’ve tried all sorts in the Quickasteam bags, sweet potato, carrots and cauliflower, salmon and frozen peas – they all worked fine, were super tasty and very very healthy! I made some delicious veggies by chucking carrots, green beans and rosemary in the bag – yum yum! For the fish I’d recommend putting it in for less time than they say so that it doesn’t get over done, it will steam beautifully if you pop it in for a minute at a time and keep having a little check! One piece of salmon took about 2mins 10seconds, so its quick too!
The Quickasteam bags are cheap at just  £1 a pack – 15 Large or 25 Regular, they don’t break the bank and I will definitely be buying more as they are just so useful. They work great for steaming veggies for LissyLou’s purees and they are supporting me in My Mission RESULT!
The Quickasteam bags are available from the Toastabags website where you can also buy ‘Cookafish’ and ‘Quickachips’. Innovation at its best!

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