My mission

My mission is to shift my baby weight. I turn 30 in December and firstly I do not want to be fat and 30 and secondly we are going to Las Vegas and I can’t be fat in Vegas!

So I put a call out to the world of Healthcare/Dieting products for products/services that are suitable for dieting/healthy eating and breast feeding. Obviously LissyLou is my main priority, I was conscious that I need to maintain my milk quality but still need to find a way to lose the weight.

My main issue is with portion size, closely followed by unhealthy snacks so I need to work closely to address these issues. I probably could do with a large bucket of will power too if anyone has some to spare?

So basically the recurring theme on here will be healthy ways to lose weight! Wish me luck and expect to hear about some products that I try on the way!


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  1. I’m just starting Tracy Andersons post baby exercise regime that Gwyneth Paltrow followed, fingers crossed it works. Not following her diet plan though because its harsh. I’ve been advised to loose weight healthily whilst breastfeeding that should have no less than 1500 calories a day. Best of luck xxx

  2. I have a home based business selling health/beauty/nutrition products based around the excellent benefits of Aloe Vera. We have a weight loss plan and a longer term healthy eating plan to keep the weight off. If you are interested I can get you some information and talk to my manager about you perhaps trying them to review. We also do really nice skincare products which are all natural and especially good for your little ones/you if you suffer from dry skin/eczema etc as they are all natural with no chemicals in. Would this also be something you might like to try? I’ve been using them on my 2 kids and am quite impressed, it is the only shampoo that hasn’t made my daughter complain it hurts her eyes! my e mail is

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