The Best Coffee Shop In The World

I have to tell you about the best coffee shop in the world…..

No 10 The Coffee House in Haworth is amazing. I promise you it has everything you could want from a great coffee shop. I will list the reasons below but firstly I want to tell you about the owner, Claire. She is lovely, friendly, bubbly and most importantly brilliant at what she does, she has got the balance just right at No 10, for the following reasons:

1.  Great Location – Haworth, in the heart of Bronte country, is a really quaint place, often     you will find special events like the famous 1940’s weekend. No. 10 sits nestled                   amongst vintage shops on a steep cobbled street, it appears unassuming and plain           from the outside but is a little gem in the heart of the street, there are many coffee               shops but none comes close to No. 10

2. An Amazing Experience – One of the best things about No. 10 (and believe me there are many) is being able to choose the blend of coffee you drink. The server presents you with the a choice of coffees based upon your answers to some coffee related questions, then they grind the beans and make a fresh cafetiere straight away. The coffee arrives on the table along with an egg timer, you are instructed not to plunge the coffee until the sand runs out – important to allow the coffee to brew to perfection! You can buy bags of the coffee to take home – reliving the No 10 experience over and over and over……

3. The Best Cakes You Will Ever Taste – My husband informed me that he would happily leave me for Claire. If you had tasted one of Claire’s cakes I don’t think you could blame     him! Claire makes all the cakes for No 10 herself, they are little pieces of heaven. I can     highly recommend the French Chocolate Torte, bittersweet and luxurious, by far my           favourite! But you are not short of choices, the blackboard that is brought to your table for you to peruse is a testament to the wide choice, leaving you baffled, but just ask and     Claire will serve half sized portions so that you can try more than one! Great for if more     than one takes your fancy!

4. Comfy seats and little trinkets dotted around the place make you feel like you are sat in   Claire’s living room, as you sink into your seat you will never want to leave.

5. No. 10 is also a guest house so turn your visit into a stay. They have 2 rooms available   starting from £80 per night including breakfast

The downside? Firstly that No. 10 is not nearer to me, although that would do my waistline no good what so ever! Secondly, that I couldn’t go today when we visited Haworth but No. 10 is not the type of place to go in a rush, it would be an insult to Claire, her coffee and her cakes. No.10 is a place to go without your children, to savour the flavours and enjoy the experience, the cakes are far too good to have to be shared with a toddler (although they are well catered for with Claire’s homemade biscuits).

So, if you are visiting this part of the world take a detour, you won’t regret it!

To find out more you can visit their website or call 01535 644694. No. 10 is open Thurs to Sun 12.30 to 6.30pm


The Best Coffee Shop In The World — 2 Comments

  1. oh Thank you so much for the info via twitter on No 10 and Haworth, it sounds devine and just what hubby and I are looking for on our little road trip.

    If we make it there I will be sure to let Claire know how I found out about her xx

    • You are very welcome, you seriously would not regret going to No 10, it’s amazing, Haworth is such a lovely place to visit too 🙂

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