High Tea Shape Matching Set Review

We received a High Tea Shape Matching Set to review for John Crane Ltd.

Charming two tiered cake stand

Numbered bases encourage counting to 15

Helps develop matching, counting and spatial awareness

What we thought: We decided that you can’t test a product like the High Tea Shape Matching Set without having High Tea! So we invited my mum and my nephew, M, around for tea and cakes and a proper testing session!

Bring on the cakes!! We had croissants and my easy apple cake, yum yum yum!

I’m disappointed to say that my cakes look no where near as delicious as the High Tea cakes! Maybe next time I will get some fancy cupcakes or similar!

But I digress….

The High Tea Shape Matching Set is VERY pink, it is pretty and girlie and sweet. Made from wood, it is durable and nice to play with. It is good quality and well made, the attention to details was fabulous and the cakes do honestly look good enough to eat

The boys did comment that it was pink but it didn’t stop them playing with it anyway. Daddy however was a little perturbed by the pinkness and felt it was a girls toy.

The boys both played with the High Tea Shape Matching Set and although they were interested in doing the shape sorter activity they were both much more interested to play shop keepers and ask what cakes people wanted.

M, chose cakes with strawberries for Granny! As the boys get older they will also be able to play by matching the numbers on the bases of the cakes with those in the spaces on the cake stand, M, probably could have a go at this now but he was too distracted by the prospect of playing shops!

LissyLou was VERY interested in the High Tea Shape Matching Set, she will love playing with this as she gets a bit older. The cakes are actually a lovely size for little hands and as long as you are supervising them closely I was happy for her to play with them.

C made a little video for you to show you how the High Tea Shape Matching Set works (I helped!) and you can see how quickly we get the set from boxed to ready to play (about 1.5mins even with an interfering toddler!)


The High Tea Shape Matching Set is available from all good toy stores including Dillon’s ToyBox and it retails at £23.95. Not bad considering the quality of the item, this is one toy that will last for years!

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Why not try it yourself, a tea party and the High Tea Shape Matching Set!


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