The wonderful world of weaning – shop bought food

As you know, I LOVE to make homemade baby food. But as I stood making purees a few weeks ago with a toddler pulling at my clothes and constantly asking questions and then a baby crying to be picked up, I got to thinking “Homemade v. Shop Bought baby foods which is best”…..

Today I want to tell you about the shop bought baby food brands that we have been testing to let you know what is out there, what LissyLou thought, packaging etc

The lovely folk at Organix sent us a massive box of food to try

The blurb:

Our No Junk Promise guarantees our food is made with nothing but the best quality organic ingredients – with nothing unnecessary added and nothing important taken away.  All our foods are made with organic, tasty and natural ingredients to suit your baby’s nutritional needs.  So even if you don’t have the time to make your baby’s meal yourself, you can still give them something that’s healthy, nutritious and tasty.

What we thought: LissyLou has really enjoyed the Organix foods. They have a really good range of sweet and savoury products, and because I won’t let her eat anything I haven’t tasted first I can confirm they are very very tasty. I particularly liked the Organic Savoury Pouches, especially the Sweet Potato, Red Peppers and Swede, which was honestly DELICIOUS. The brilliant thing about the pouches is how little room they take up in the cupboard, or your changing bag. I will definitely keep a couple of these in for emergencies or when we are out and about.

If you saw our video recently you will know that LissyLou likes the Wholegrain Fruity Apple Cereal, this is her new favourite breakfast (£1.99 – bargain, does about 20 meals, just mix with your babies normal milk)

We haven’t disliked any of the Organix foods so far, the Savoury Pouches are priced at £1.09 on their online shop and at 4/5 mths this will do two meals for most babies. Of course this does work out more expensive than homemade food but if you can’t make your own for whatever reason they are really good. Visit the shop to see their extensive range!


We also received a stash of goodies from HIPP Organic






The blurb:

Our baby foods are made from the finest quality organic ingredients that are bursting with flavour. Our ingredients are grown in dedicated fields so we know where and how they are grown to ensure that only the best possible ingredients are used in our recipes. Our delicious range of baby foods are suitable from the start of weaning right through to toddlerhood. You will also find a wide range of recipes to suit all dietary requirements.

What we thought: LissyLou loved the fruit pouches, her favourite had to be Banana, Pear and Mango, which was so tasty I could happily have eaten it all by myself! The fruit pots were also a hit.

Normally LissyLou loves savoury as much as she does sweet but unfortunately she didn’t like either of the savoury pots (Creamed root vegetables with apple and Sweet Pumpkin with tender carrots). I tried both and can’t say they were very nice, they both tasted a little too earthy.

Please visit the HIPP online shop to see their full range.

Plum Baby sent us their new Breakfast Pouches. LissyLou didn’t like the Prune, Peach and baby rice one – to be honest it was a little sour, but she really liked the Banana & Apricot Oat Porridge. Again, the pouches are a really good idea. The Plum Baby ones are £0.99 from their online shop, and they have a wider range on their website, including meals.

Ellas Kitchen gave us some of their new stage 1 baby food with just one fruit. I liked this concept, especially for very early weaning when you are trying to slowly introduce different foods.

Oh, let me tell you that these are sooooooooo yummy! LissyLou loved them but so did we! I can fully understand why people are following the Baby Food Diet if these are a part of it!

Even better, take a visit to their website as they have free samples up for grabs and a competition to win a months supply of baby food!

So in conclusion…..

Our favourite savoury product was………………………… The Organix Organic Savoury Pouches Sweet Potato, Red Peppers and Swede

Our favourite sweet product was…………………………… A tie between the HIPP Banana Pear and Mango pouch and the Ellas Kitchen Apple Pouch

We were surprised by the quality of all the products we tested, baby food has come a long way! Come back in a few days for our final Homemade V Shop Bought findings……………


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