Snow Day

A snow day? “She’s lost it” I hear you say! It’s nearly July!!! Well maybe I have, but if I have I’ve lost it by having a fun day with my son….

Today we received a parcel from HIPP, some tasty baby food for LissyLou to try (more about that later!) The contents were packed with shredded paper for delivery. C was most impressed as we unpacked the box and seemed more taken with these strips of paper than with the prospect of food, which he could have tried if he wanted! But anyway…..

Today having had a good night sleep I let silly mummy come out to play, silly mummy doesn’t come out too often as sensible mummy thinks she makes too much mess!

Today she let C make a LOT of mess

Followed by the bubbles….

And the inevitable argument over tidying up!

But we had a ball all the same!!


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