SLEEP – update

Where shall I start? Ah sleep….

Well last night C went to bed at 8pm, he woke at 6am quite distressed and as I popped him back into bed he said he was scared and needed to hide. He pulled the covers up over his head and all went quiet. So I snuck back to bed thinking that would not be the end of it, and sure enough it stayed quiet. Until LissyLou woke up a few seconds later demanding her morning feed.

Feed over, I made a cup of tea and sloped back up to bed to enjoy a rare bit of peace and quiet while both children slept. Eventually LissyLou woke up at about 9am and C didn’t wake until 9.10am!!!! WOW! I feel very spoiled and I know its a one-off but can you imagine if it wasn’t???????????????????????????????????????????????




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