And so it begins…..

I always knew that C would tell me when it was time to start potty training. Believe me, I thought it was months away yet!

Well he didn’t so much tell me as scream loudly in my ear “MUMMY, I NEED A WEE-WEE……….NOW”  So picture me jumping off the couch at lightning speed, grabbing the potty and ripping his nappy off as fast as humanly possible, all the while sure that this was yet another false start. Nope two seconds later he stands up with the proudest smile ever and proclaims “I DID IT!” Sure enough, there in the potty is a wee, I have never been so happy to see wee in my whole life.

For those of you with children you will understand the enormity of this, those without, one day maybe you will understand 🙂

To be honest, this is rather poor timing! I wanted to wait until after our holiday, and definitely didn’t think we would be actively potty training without a washing machine. Think I might have to do a lot of washing in the kitchen sink this week………

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