Back to Reality

Well after a long tiring weekend its back to reality! C is watching a bit of TV, I’m enjoying a cup of tea and Lissylou is dozing.

After the wedding, Saturday was a visit to the newlyweds new house, and Sunday was lunch with the inlaws then one of the best F1 races EVER. F1 is a passion in my household, we all love it! My husband has been a fan his whole life, and I’ve loved it ever since he introduced me to it. Jenson Button is my favorite, so yesterdays win was awesome. Hubby met Jenson in Vegas a few years ago while he was still driving for Honda and asked him when he was going to be driving a Ferrari, Jenson assured him that he didn’t need one. We weren’t so sure! But since then he has got better drives and improved as a driver, yesterday’s race was so edge of your seat.

C is being particularly adorable with LissyLou today, the first thing he said this morning was I want LissyLou and he has been cuddling her, talking to her, kissing her and stroking her hair, and all before 9.30am! Have to watch him more nowadays though, he can be a little bit rough but she loves him so much! She just loves watching him play and holding his hand. Hopefully they will continue to be friends, its so cute!

Had to order a new washing machine yesterday as mine is caput! There is no way I can manage for long without one with two babies and a husband! So it comes Friday, I’ve had to wash hubbys shirts in the kitchen sink so that he can go to work this week, luckily I had got nearly up to date with the children’s things! Seeing as we are away next week though I really NEED to be able to wash any last minute bits before I go! Decided to buy another Hotpoint as it matches our dryer and found a good one, and with a discount code got 15% off at Currys so we got the more expensive one for less than the cheaper one on other sites!! Took some of the sting out of it at least.

So thankfully its a quieter week this week, looking forward to some lazy days with the children, hopefully in the garden, and holidays next week


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