The Suit nightmare!

Well the suits have arrived…. but yes you’ve guessed it what a nightmare! All the men/boys were ‘measured’ by the sales lady and the waiscoats are all HUGE, jackets don’t fit and the groom was most stressed out by it all. The 3 men that tried theirs on whilst I was there all need something changing and one of the waistcoats had a broken button. C tried his on to huge protests, I hope it was just that he was tired and not an indication of how he will behave on the day. But he looked possibly the most adorable I have ever seen him. There is something about a toddler in ‘tails’ that could melt the coldest heart. He has exactly the same as the men, including the tie, waistcoat, shirt and full suit!

Then we went to buy a sandpit. Found one second hand on Netmums, so it was £20 including sand. C loved it so much, that we had hysterics when it was time to get him to come in for bed. Its by Step 2. Its a great height for toddlers, C could reach it easily and I think it will last him until he is about 4. It doesn’t need loads of sand either, we have only put one bag of play sand in it and I think its enough as this way it won’t get spilt as easily but it could easily take the 40lbs stated by Step 2. It has a lid that fastens on for when not in use so this should keep the sand clean and dry.  Having seen it in action I think it is a fair price brand new, it is good quality, sturdy and a good size. hope we get nice weather so C can use it now!!

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