Busy times

Well its officially a week until the wedding of the year! My lovely brother in law is getting married on 10th June. Just a whirlwind of activity until then. Got to get BabyC’s hair cut tomorrow, its his first proper hair cut so think I will be an emotional wreck and hope it looks ok for the wedding. Then Sunday is my final bridesmaid dress fitting, Thursday will be helping my soon to be sister in law at the venue, rehearsal in the evening and then Friday is the big day!!!!!

Still got to make LissyLou a headband to go with her dress, start building up my tan so I don’t look ridiculously pale compared to the other bridesmaid and keep up with the healthy eating regime so that I don’t feel really fat too!

Whew, what a week!

Oh and decided to give Twitter a whirl too @suburban1mummy

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