The Flying Bath By Julia Donaldson

The Flying Bath By Julia Donaldson

Julia Donaldson is a bit of a UK institution when it comes to children’s books. I don’t know another family who hasn’t read at least one of her books and I think doesn’t own a copy of the Gruffalo. Most children seem to like her easy to read/listen to style, great characters and accompanying illustrations. Mine are no different and Sharing A Shell must be one of our most read books of all time. So the prospect of a new Donaldson book is always an exciting one and The Flying Bath was no exception.

The Flying Bath By Julia Donaldson is about a team of friends who take off in their bath tub around the world saving animals along the way. The children thought it was funny but haven’t asked for it to be read more than a couple of times. Normally new books get a nightly feature for at least the first week so it’s fair to say it hasn’t been a huge hit.

The Flying Bath By Julia Donaldson


I’m afraid for me it’s not a favourite. I didn’t find this particular story as easy to read. Maybe it’s the storyline, maybe it’s the illustration but for me it just didn’t have the same appeal as other amazing titles. It’s still got that classic Donaldson rhyming but I just didn’t find it rolling off my tongue.

Not a favourite here I’m afraid.

We recevied a copy of the book for the purposes of this review

GIVEAWAY – £100 Google Play Voucher

GIVEAWAY – £100 Google Play Voucher

Since I got my Samsung Galaxy KZoom I’ve been getting used to using Google Play. It’s the android way of buying apps. I’ve used mine to buy various different apps and found it really easy to use. I recently bought Mahjong, it might sound like an old fashioned choice but I loved it as a kid and my 3 year old is really good at it. It encourages hand eye co-ordination, logic and reasoning skills and is fun to boot!

I’ve teamed up with Three Mobile and I’m delighted to be able to offer you the chance to win a £100 Google Play Voucher to spend on apps for your device. This competition is in celebration of the array of  Android handsets on the market, particularly the popular Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2, and HTC One M8. Each one of which is perfect for using Google Play and running all types of apps.

Image courtesy of Three Mobile

What a great chance for you to get some new apps, maybe you could stock up on fun educational games, or apps that helps with timetables, it’s up to you! Entry is simple, I’d like you to tell me which is your favourite Android app. I’d love to know which apps you just couldn’t live without or apps your kids love to use. Just leave a comment below to tell me so I can try them out too!

If you’d like a second entry into the giveaway then tweet me about your favourite app, something like “My fave app is … and I’d like to win a £100 Google Play Voucher  ” – Don’t forget the hashtag is key for me to track and verify that entry!

Terms and Conditions:

1. Participants must be over 18 and a resident of the UK to win the prize

2. The competition will run until midnight on the 18th October 2014

3. You are allowed one blog entry per person plus one additional twitter entry

4. Entries not adhering the the terms and conditions will be disqualified

Be inspired by the beauty of the outdoors in your home

Be inspired by the beauty of the outdoors in your home

Be inspired by the beauty of the outdoors in your home

Image courtesy of EJ Fox (“pseudoplacebo”) from Circleville, United States – Playing snatch the fish

With  good weather still a hope for September, there’s no better excuse to get outdoors with your kids and enjoy the benefits of outdoor play before the weather turns. We are fortunate enough to live in a country that affords us a variety of landscapes and walking routes, with both manmade and natural attractions making the perfect destination for taking the kids out. We aim to take the kids out at every opportunity as you can see from our recent Nature Walk.


One of the greatest things about the outdoors is that it provides amazing inspiration for creative projects. If you’re thinking about decorating your home or perhaps just making some minor changes, you can take a lot from nature around you in order to make a welcoming haven for your family.


First up, of course, you’ll probably want to organise a trip outdoors with the kids. The benefits of playing outside have been proven through extensive scientific studies with children. Cath Prisk, director of Play England, says: “Fundamentally, we believe that kids should be outside playing for a good proportion of the day because it is how you can stay happy and less stressed.” Who doesn’t want stress free, happy kids?


Prisk added that research carried out in 2011 indicated that many parents considered taking their children out to be a “treat” rather than something that should be actively encouraged on a regular basis. Indeed, this is not a fear that has eluded modern day writers.


Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Wood, has coined the term “nature-deficit disorder” and it’s something that’s becoming increasingly worrying for the children of today. Put simply, Louv’s term describes modern-day children who have developed a near fear of going outside due to an ongoing relationship with electronic devices and parents’ own concerns over their children’s safety. With the huge number of health benefits available however, including improved Vitamin D consumption and happier children, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take your children outside.


You may have seen a recent piece on Pembroke Castle Pushchair Walks, which is just one example of many of the United Kingdom’s stunning outdoor spaces. The area can be a great source of inspiration for decorating your home too – the greenery alone is the perfect inspiration for painting your kids’ bedroom walls. You might even consider painting your own designs on your child’s bedroom walls with a tribute to Mother Nature.


Be inspired by the beauty of the outdoors in your home

Image courtesy of Saroselive


Alternatively, you can capture you child’s imagination by building your own castle environment at home. There are a great range of beds out there which offer a number of themes, including castle-style bunk beds, so your child can live within their own fairy tale.


Of course, there’s no better way to ignite your child’s imagination than to take him or her outside. In fact, in a study published by Hofstra University in 2004, it was revealed that 92% of mothers admitted that letting their children play outside helped to broaden their imaginations. It’s also a great way of bonding with your child too – without the distractions of smartphones, computers and the general hassle of modern living, it’s nice for everyone to get away from our gadgets and focus on each other and good fun!


So whether you’re looking for interior design ideas or just want to improve you and your child’s health, there’s no reason not to get outside!


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