A Dream Family Kitchen

A Dream Family Kitchen

BEKO asked us to think about our dream family kitchen, what our kitchen means to us, what we’d do if we could revamp it and what key appliance we couldn’t live without. We’d love a new kitchen, it’s definitely the biggest purchase on our wish list for our home. We have a good sized kitchen diner that isn’t very well laid out and is somewhat dated and I’d love to be able to start from scratch and get a space that is both beautiful and very user friendly. Currently, it’s neither.


When I think about a dream family kitchen my ideas always start with a great cooker. It’s sort of the key to the whole thing really. It’s probably because I’m working with a rubbish oven at the moment. It takes forever to get anywhere near temperature and it’s not very pretty. I don’t know who thought a green oven and hob were a good idea because frankly they just look a bit odd! This Double Oven from the built in appliances range by BEKO looks perfect, plenty of oven space perfect for cooking great big family meals!

My mood board is based around this cooker, my love of grey and also my love of colour.

A Dream Family Kitchen


I love the sleek look of these grey cabinets, they just look cool. I think you could put any coloured accessories with them but I went bold because I think they can take it. The licence plate mirror would be a great talking piece, it’s cool and colourful and would really draw your eye. The Poole Pottery vase is beautiful. I’ve been a fan of Poole Pottery for years now and I already have this vase in black and it’s one of my favourite decorative items. The colours on this one are just stunning, warm and inviting and crying out for beautiful flowers. I love flowers in my kitchen, they make me smile, especially if I’m washing up!

I think a kitchen should be a place for family and if we could re-do our kitchen like this I know it would be the most popular room in our house. To keep the brightness I chose this brightly coloured tableware and I love the everyday useability of this set. I can just imagine us all sat round enjoying a big fat roast dinner together in our dream family kitchen. I think this kitchen would make me want to cook!

This mood board has been produced in collaboration with BEKO

GIVEAWAY – Faux Fur Scarf by Danilo Gabrielli worth £100

GIVEAWAY – Faux Fur Scarf by Danilo Gabrielli worth £100

I’m pleased to announce my latest giveaway. This beautiful Faux Fur Scarf by Danilo Gabrielli worth £100 would make a beautiful Christmas present or a great treat for you. Danilo Gabrielli is a high end fashion label created by Danilo Gabrielli as a mission to create beautiful timeless items for women. This faux fur scarf would certainly keep you warm and stylish. It’s silk lined for comfort and would effortlessly classic with a good coat.

GIVEAWAY - Faux Fur Scarf by Danilo Gabrielli worth £100

To win this beautiful scarf all you need to do is follow the Rafflecopter instructions below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is open to UK residents aged 18 or over.

Boost Your Kids Savings With KidStart

Boost Your Kids Savings With KidStart

If you follow me on Facebook you might have seen me talk about KidStart recently. KidStart is a cash back scheme that gives you money back when you shop online but unlike some of the others with KidStart the money you save can be paid into your kids bank accounts, trust funds or ISA’s. It’s a nice way to sneakily boost your kids savings without really noticing you are doing it.

I set up a KidStart account a couple of years ago and made some money back on my shopping, but I hadn’t used it for a while. I was tempted back this Christmas with the lure of Cashback on shops that don’t offer cashback via the other big sites. I steadily buy from Amazon throughout the year for birthday presents and Christmas and it was great to find they are currently offering 2% back on your Amazon shopping. Especially when I order coffee for my office through there and spend a regular £10 a month or so on Coffee alone! It’s nice to know that the money will be slowly ticking up in my KidStart account each time I press the pay button now.

They also have cashback on John Lewis and Waitrose, both of whom don’t traditionally offer cashback!

But search away on the site and you will not only find great cashback offers but also discount codes and free delivery on some retailers which all helps to bring the cost of your shopping down that little bit more. Who doesn’t want a bargain at Christmas anyway? They have plenty of exclusive Christmas deals to look at too!


You can also get family and friends to save money for your children in the same way too by inviting them to contribute to your accounts too. This means that their cashback is automatically applied to your account meaning double or more the savings!

If you haven’t tried KidStart yet then I do recommend giving it a go, especially in the run up to Christmas, who knows how much you could boost your kids savings by!


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