The Tale Of a Little Boy and a Lobster

The Tale Of a Little Boy and a Lobster

This week we have been away on Anglesey, I’ve talked before about how much we love Anglesey and I will share some more photos from our time there but first I need to tell you The Tale Of a Little Boy and a Lobster.

As a special end of holiday treat we visited the Lobster Pot, a seafood restaurant that we had read was worth a visit. After a journey down steep, twisting country roads we found the Lobster Pot, it conveniently has a public car park just opposite or on road parking just outside. We got there just as they opened and were the first customers of the day. After ordering a drink we had free reign of the bar area whilst we waited for our table. The kids and Daddy Ramblings enjoyed looking at the educational posters of different types of fish, lobsters and crabs.

We started perusing the menus and reading the children’s options out for the kids to choose. I joking told C that he could choose lobster (a half lobster served with chips and peas) fully expecting him to reject it and opt for his favourite, fish and chips. But he instantly said he wanted lobster. Believing he would genuinely not like it we tried to deter him but he wasn’t for moving. “But I like to try things now Daddy and I really really really need to have lobster” he said. So we agreed he could have lobster still thinking that he wouldn’t like it but that he could share his sisters fish and chips if he didn’t. He was really excited about the prospect of his lobster dinner….

His excitement only grew when his dinner arrived…..

The Tale Of a Little Boy and a Lobster

The verdict? He loved it! He polished off about half of his dinner and about half of his sisters fish too! Not too bad for a first attempt!

Daddy Ramblings also got lobster, his was a little bit bigger!

The Tale Of a Little Boy and a Lobster

I chose the special of the day which was a delicious Anglesey Seabass served with butterflied king prawns and a rich Lobster sauce. After lunch we headed into the lobster tanks to see some live lobster. The great thing about the Lobster Pot is that they also own a shellfish distribution company that ships lobsters and crabs worldwide so you get amazing quality fresh seafood and you can see their live buddies too. Daddy Ramblings got to hold a huge lobster!

The Tale Of a Little Boy and a Lobster

If you are on Anglesey and fancy some really good seafood then you need to pay the Lobster Pot a visit, the menu is extensive and the seafood was fresh and delicious!

Cadburys EggHeads

Cadburys EggHeads

Still looking for a last minute Easter Egg? Hoping to keep costs down but still put a smile on someones face? Look no further than Cadburys EggHeads, delicious Cadburys chocolate and only £1! No fancy overpriced packaging, just chocolate, no gimmicks! You can get them with a range of different faces and it makes them appeal to everyone!

Get them quick!

Cadburys Eggheads

The World Of Coca Cola #shop #cbias

The World Of Coca Cola #shop #cbias

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser #CollectiveBias.

The World Of Coca Cola #shop #cbias #heroimage #cocacola

Coca Cola has been around for over 125 years. It is known around the world for it’s distinctive taste and for it’s memorable logo. I’ve been a little bit in love with Coca-Cola for about 20 years. I love the drink, ice cold and refreshing, I went to Asda to buy some and found that solely Coca-Cola now takes up half an aisle!

The World Of Coca Cola #shop #cbias #cocacola

But more than the drink I love the merchandise and memorabilia. I’ve been collecting items of Coca-Cola merchandise and memorabilia for over 10 years. I love the old fashioned wooden items the most. My kitchen is a bit of a homage to Coca-Cola, I’ve collected pieces over the years that I knew would be perfect in my kitchen and complimenting the other items I have. Each bigger piece is well travelled having been picked up in America on one trip or another.

The World Of Coca-Cola #shop #cbias #cocacolaThe World Of Coca-Cola #shop #cbias #cocacola

One of my best Coca-Cola memories is visiting the Coca-Cola store in Las Vegas. A whole shop devoted to Coca-Cola, from clothing to memorabilia and everything in between. I was like a kid in a candy store and wanted to buy everything in the shop. It’s a good job that this shop isn’t in the UK because I wanted everything but of course was restricted by the size of my suitcase! I got the Coca-Cola blackboard from there and this amazing Christmas Tree ornament.

The other two Coca-Cola signs came from a Coca-Cola store within Walt Disney World in Orlando, they remind me of amazing holidays and getting married in Florida. So for me, they contain the perfect mix of memory and style.

The World Of Coca-Cola #shop #cbias #cocacolaThe ornament reminds me of an amazing holiday to Las Vegas for my 30th and of course the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas adverts. I also have ornament versions of the glass bottles and cans of Coca-Cola.

If I got my way I would have one of the replica 1930′s ice-machines, they sell them in America and for me they are the ultimate Coca-Cola item, I would love one in my kitchen! I just think it would be a real statement piece and would be a key feature in my dream kitchen.

Do you love Coca-Cola merchandise or memorabilia? Let me know what sort of item you have!


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