If I Ruled The Land

The Light Shopping Centre in Leeds asked us to think about what we would do if we were Princes or Princesses for the day. Me? Well if I ruled the land I would make sure I went straight to the front of the queue in coffee shops, make all traffic lights turn green when I get to them and be able to book a table at great restaurants with no notice every single time. Oh and let’s not forget a cocktail designed especially for me!

The kids had different ideas, I don’t know if I agree with them but you might want LissyLou to become a Princess, who doesn’t want to wear pink, eat sparkly cake, wizz around the kingdom on ‘Wheelies’ and do everything she says? Hmmm, not sure what orders she might issue, she can be bossy when she likes!


C on the other hand thinks everyone should play with LEGO and if they don’t do what he says then he will put them in the stocks. He’s clearly the meaner of the two.

What would you do if you were a Prince or Princess and ruled the land?

How my phone fits into family life #CollectiveBias

This post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias

 Samsung KZoom

CollectiveBias asked me to create a short vlog to tell you about my phone and why it fits into life with my family.  You can watch the video here:

I’ve had my phone (or the Camera with phone functionality) for about a year now. It quickly became a handy addition to our household. I used to carry my phone and a small camera around with me all the time. Weighing down my handbag and meaning I took less photos than I’d like. The Samsung K Zoom is a great way of combining the two into one easy to use option.

I love a quick selfie (I use it to check my makeup, no judging!) and I love the ‘Beauty Face’ function that I can use to quickly check my ugly mug, it’s great with the kids to help them see when they’ve got chocolate all over their faces so they can clean up themselves!

With small children I take lots of photos, I like the fact that now phones have cameras both taking and sharing photos is easy. On the Samsung I can take photos and then instantly share by a wide range of mediums from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc all directly from the image on the phone screen. Perfect for sharing with family and friends straight away. It also means I can transfer the photos across to cloud storage or my laptop to keep them safe.


Ever taken a photo of your children and found they either aren’t smiling or are looking away from the camera? Lissylou loves looking away just as you press the button! The Kid’s photo function takes 5 shots for one button press meaning the likelihood of getting a good shot is dramatically increased. I just keep talking as it takes the photos to keep the kids attention and end up with a range of images to choose from, it only takes a second or two longer to take than a regular shot but offers that increased success rate!


Traditional eyes to the side look!


Hurrah a successful shot!

Hurrah a successful shot!

I also love that you can use the camera without unlocking the phone, great for quick shots when the moment grabs you. You can take a couple of photos in a hurry and then access the other functions later when you have more time. It means you won’t miss a thing by putting in your passcode etc. Great for when something unexpected happens and you just need to grab a quick pic!


Finally, I love that you can get great quality images of nature items, this is particularly good for the children to take shots of things they see on our family nature walks. We love spotting unusual creatures and this shot was taken on a family walk last summer, we were amazed to see this beautiful dragon fly, he was sadly injured but still very beautiful and we were pleased to get such a clear shot!


Do you have a phone with family friendly features? What makes it fit into your family life?

Ballet Exams

Ballet Exams

Both C and LissyLou take ballet lessons. LissyLou has had lessons for over 12 months and C has been going for 8 months. C took his Pre-Primary RAD exam and LissyLou took an inhouse exam set by her ballet Teacher.




Both kids love ballet, I think it is teaching them control, confidence and poise. The like it because their teacher is fantastic. She is an ex-ballerina and ex Primary School Teacher, so she comes at it from two angles, a combination that means her lessons are tough but fun.

C worked incredibly hard for his RAD exam, he was understandably nervous but also excited about showing off his hard work and preparation to the examiner. The hard part is that the exam was in mid-Feb and we didn’t get the results until mid-April. Two months is a very long wait for a then 5 year old.

But his efforts paid off and again he learned the value of hard work. I think that the presentation event made both children proud and when htey had their awards presented they were both very excited.

I hope they continue to enjoy their ballet lessons, I don’t expect either of them to take it very far but for now they have found something they enjoy and that makes me happy.

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