The Magic Of Christmas Stockings

The Magic Of Christmas Stockings

Christmas for me is ALL about the magic of Christmas Stockings. When I was a little girl I remember waking up on Christmas morning and hoping I could feel something heavy in the Christmas Stocking resting on my feet. The sign that Father Christmas had been and that it was morning. The number of times I woke up far too early and had to be told to go back to sleep because it wasn’t yet morning, sorry Mum!

Because opening our stockings in my parents bed on Christmas morning was such a magical part of Christmas, the family all together opening small gifts in bed, excited and happy is a memory that will stay with me forever it’s the main thing about Christmas that I wanted to replicate with my children. I place huge emphasis on this part of Christmas with C and LissyLou, I hope to make memories with them and that they in turn will share this tradition with their children. It’s quite strange really that this wasn’t a big part of my husbands childhood, I don’t think he really ‘got’ it until the children came along. Now he is as excited as I am about the magic of Christmas Stockings. Those stockings stuffed with tiny gifts, a satsuma and the obligatory small chocolate treat makes waking up so exciting!

The Magic Of Christmas Stockings

The Magic Of Christmas Stockings


Christmas Eve is all about reading a Christmas story, we have to have “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, and our newest Christmas favourite, “Aliens Love Panta Claus” – if you haven’t read that one you really must, I will be decorating our tree with underpants on Christmas night this year in homage to one of our favourite Christmas stories, I’ll make sure to get some photos of that. Then leaving out special snacks for Father Christmas and carrying out stockings up to our beds, ready for Father Christmas to come.

The Magic Of Christmas Stockings


The sound of the children waking up on Christmas morning, their excited little voices as they realise that Father Christmas has been and the thought of what he might have brought is so lovely. It’s magical to see how these little gifts mean so much to them, we definitely put a lot of love into those little presents. To me, the pure joy of Christmas is found in this special time, just the four of us snuggled up together, giggling and excited. I’m so excited about Christmas this year, at 5 and 3 I hope it will be the best one yet!

This post is my entry into the Transun Lapland competition, you can learn more here, I’m hoping I win a trip to Lapland so we can meet the Big Man himself!


What Happened To Good Manners?

What Happened To Good Manners?

When I was a child I was taught that ‘Manners Maketh The Man’, or girl/woman in my case. It’s something that I think is very important. I’m teaching good manners to my children and trying to encourage them to be courteous and respectful of other people. Not just please and thank you, although they are exceptionally important, but also learning to wait to speak until adults have finished talking, holding the door for people, thanking people if they let you go first in a queue or stand to the side to let you past.

It’s not easy but it’s something that I hold personal pride in and I want the children to do so too.

But I’ve found that recently it’s harder and harder to find examples of good manners when you are out and about. Take a couple of weeks ago at the park. My husband stopped a little girl (no more than 2) from getting kicked in the face when she ran in front of a swing. The parents didn’t thank him. I then stopped the very same little girl from jumping off a 4ft high ledge (way taller than herself), again no thanks. To me that warrants at least a smile, but nothing. It was as if nothing had happened at all.

Walking around the town centre and stopping at a narrow point on the pavement to let people through without even a smile. Letting people out of junctions in the car without so much as a wave of thanks. Making sure the children step into the side of the path in the park to let children on bikes through safely, not even a nod!

It’s hard to expect children to understand what good manners are if they don’t see good examples as the norm isn’t it?

Are good manners extinct? I’d love to know your take on it!

Christmas Bargain Hunting

Christmas Bargain Hunting

Only 10 Friday’s until Christmas! It will be here before we know it so I’ve been starting to hunt out some Christmas Bargains and look at ways to save money to pay for all the goodies!

Here are a few ways to help pay for Christmas, easy little things you can do to save a few pounds toward the cost:

1. Have a toy clearout – sorting through old toys will always bring some items that can be passed on to friends or the charity shop but may also unearth some items that would be good enough to sell on ebay, gumtree, pre-loved or local Facebook selling pages. You could make a few pounds and someone else gets a bargain!

2. Trade your daily newspaper/coffee or your weekly treat and you could easily save enough for a gift or two.

3. Shop around, most big name gifts can be found cheaper online with a good discount code, try Top Cash Back for money back on your online shopping and discounts too! I’ve been a member about 3 years and so far I’ve had over £500 in cashback. I always check there first before I spend online.

4. Download apps onto your smart phone to help save money when shopping in big name High Street stores such as Matalan and Boots, the Boots app links to their advantage card scheme, using it today I got extra money off Revlon makeup and extra points on my Advantage Card!

5. Stop smoking this Stoptober, you can read my post here on why you might want to quit this year, and you could make a big saving in time for Christmas. My Voucher Codes surveyed 1000 people and found that saving money was a big reason for many quitting. The full results can be found over on the TNT magazine site.

6. Shop on 3 for 2’s, if you don’t need 3 gifts then split the deal with a friend and split the savings!

7. Try All Beauty, it’s a discount beauty and fragrance site and it offers huge savings on perfume and cosmetics. It’s my favourite site for perfume and aftershave, great prices and delivery!

8. Big name shops such as Tesco and ToysRUs both have sales on at the moment so you might be able to grab a bargain toy or two!


Do you have a money saving tip or any bargains you’ve spotted?

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