Why I Loved Friends

Why I Loved Friends

Friends. Best TV show ever? Got to be in my top 10 I reckon. I loved Friends, it was one of those shows that always made me feel better, made me laugh, cry and sometimes dispair but always always made me want more.

I’ve probably seen every episode at least 5 times but they never get old. I still end up laughing and smiling and love every minute.

If I had to pin down a few of my all time favourite moments then the following would be in my top 5.

Top 5 Friends Moments

1. The One With The Football (1996!) – they head out to play American Football in the park and a fun game turns into a crazily competitive match and is honestly hilarious as they fight it out!

2. The One with the Cat (1997) – Joey gets locked inside the TV cabinet and robbed, you can totally see it coming but it makes me cry with laughter every singled time.

3. The One with Ross’s Thing (1997) – Phoebe ends up dating two guys at the same time, Vince the beefy fireman, and Jason the sensitive kindergarten teacher. She likes them both for their obvious attributes. My favourite part is when they find out she has been dating both of them but what really upsets Vince is that she had a candlelit picnic in the park – he is very unimpressed that she would risk an open flame in a wooded area – brilliant!

4. The One with Monica’s Boots (2001) – Monica buys some beautiful, expensive boots but they are agony to wear. Chandler wanted her to return them but she couldn’t because they were too beautiful. Just brilliant when Chandler has to carry her home because the boots hurt her so much but she gets him to stop in front of the shoe shop so she can look at more boots that will be just as painful!

5. The One with Phoebe’s Wedding – A giant blizzard threatens their big day but they get married anyway and I just love the romance and love in that episode.

Central Perk and coffee are one of the threads that ties episodes of Friends together, I always wished I could find a coffee shop as cool and friendly as Central Perk (perhaps minus Gunther) but I’m stuck with regular coffee shops or even a coffee at home. You all know that coffee is a major love in my life, I remember seeing those huge mugs in Central Perk and thinking how cool they all looked with them. Imagine my joy when CafePod decided to celebrate Friends 20th Anniversary by releasing special Friends themed packs! Love seeing the Friends logo every time I make a cuppa, all I’m missing is the gang to share one with! You can win a trip to New York with the special packs of CafePod or one of 20 Friends Box Sets – a potentially amazing bonus with your coffee – result!


Why I Love Friends


Do you have a favourite Friends moment? I’d love to be reminded of some other great Friends memories!

I was gifted some CafePod pods to celebrate the Friends 20th Anniversary

Should You Stop This Stoptober?

Should You Stop This Stoptober?

I’m not a smoker. No-one in our family is. It doesn’t stop my 5 yr old coming home and walking round the house pretending to smoke. That fills me with dread and makes me angry. I’ve have to teach my 5 year old that smoking kills, that even pretending to smoke is wrong. I hate that. I hate that seeing people smoking every where you go is still so common. The smoking ban was such a positive thing in terms of improving dining experiences for everyone but walk down any high street and you have to walk through clouds of smoke which is something I can’t stand. It’s not fair that my children have to be exposed to second hand smoke when they are out and about and it’s awful that my son thinks smoking is cool, it’s not! It’s something that I hope won’t last for huge amounts longer. I wonder what future the cigarette has in modern society at all? I hope that before my children are old enough to smoke that cigarettes won’t even exist anymore. I don’t know how it will happen but I truly believe that smoking causes so many issues in terms of health and that everyone should be encouraged to stop smoking.

When I was pregnant with C I remember reading something on the back of the toilet door in the hospital about how long it takes different parts of the body to recover after smoking and thinking to myself it’s actually quite amazing how quickly you can see benefits when you stop smoking. Things about how long it takes your blood cells to recover, your skin, your mouth. How long it takes for your lung capacity to improve and your general health to recover. It’s good to know that even with the damage smoking does your body will see huge benefits very quickly, I think that’s a great incentive in itself to think about quitting. Imagine the improvement you will find your your taste buds and your sense of smell, both of which are dulled when smoking, think of just how much better your favourite food might taste when your taste buds are at their best! By not smoking you will also notice your skin and hair look better, brighter and healthier – result!

Having witnessed a couple of people stop smoking for differing reasons I know it’s not an easy task to undertake but what better time to try than Stoptober? The NHS and big names all offer different schemes aimed at helping you stop. I don’t think you’ll find better support than you’ll get this month! Boots have a variety of different methods of support from the Boots UK Smoke Less Plan which helps you to reduce and stop smoking to their Online Support and plenty of great products that will help you safely and successfully stop.

They say it takes 21days to form a new habit, so Stoptober lets you go that little bit further and get beyond habit into a change for life. With a 10 a day habit costing in the region of £125 per month it’s not a cheap habit either is it? Even if you decided to buy a good selection of the differing Boots Pharmaceuticals NicAssist Minty Fresh 2mg or 4mg Gum (from £4.99 for 30 pieces), Boots Pharmaceuticals NicAssist Translucent Patches (available in three strengths: 25mg (Step 1), 15mg (Step 2) and 10mg (Step 3). (Prices start from £13)* or the Boots Pharmaceuticals NicAssist Lozenges (96 1mg or 2mg lozenges, £10.60)* you would still save money on your regular habit! Imagine at the end of Stoptober you could be managing without any products at all, therefore in a year you could save about £1500 in a year, that’s a fortune!

They also offer a free NHS Quit Kit instore that includes vouchers for a weeks trial of patches, stop smoking wallcharts and information to help you on your way, I don’t think you actually have anything to lose but think how much you could gain, better health, more money in your pocket and the pride that you have quit the habit!

For me if you don’t want to stop for your own health, or those you love then what about for your pocket? Imagine what that money could buy you at the end of even 6mths and what you would do if that cash were a lump sum just handed over to you?

If you want help along the way then you can join a Twitter Chat on 16th October from 1pm to 2pm in which Boots will join forces with Boots expert Angela Chalmers which will help you focus on what you are achieiving! Do join in if you can, you can follow me on Twitter to check the details and find the hashtag!

I’d love to know how you get on with stopping. What’s your top tip for successfully kicking the habit?

This is a sponsored post

*Always read the label.  Stop smoking aid.  Contains nicotine.  Requires willpower

Making A Simple Car Costume

Making A Car Costume

In a quiet moment one day last week and short of something interesting to do with LissyLou I sat at the kitchen table with some paper wondering if we should draw when my eyes fell upon some left over office paper boxes and a plan started to form. Using the boxes, some coloured paper and other bits and pieces we came up with a wearable car costume. Here’s how we did it!
Making A Simple Car Costume

1. Cut out the base of the box so you are left with a hollow cardboard shape

2. Decorate your box, we used coloured paper but you could use poster paints or pens etc to create your main design. If you have more time the kids could spend hours on this part

3. Make headlights. We cut circles out of the spare cardboard and covered them in tin foil

4. Attach the headlights with glue

5. Make the straps, you need long piece of paper, ribbon or similar. We used old flip chart paper and doubled the strips over to add strength

6. Attach the straps with plenty of parcel tape so that they don’t come loose

7. Strengthen the box if needed with added card on the inside and more parcel tape

8. Make a steering wheel. We used a paper plate cut smaller to fit, you could take more time and colour the wheel

9. Add wheels to the side of the box, you could draw them or cut them out and stick them to suit the materials you have to hand

10. Get outside and have a race around the garden. You can create a race track by laying out rope on the ground or improvise with tape marking the track

Making A Simple Car Costume


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